Saturday, January 27, 2018

Flashback of my time at MICD

MICD has been one of my great platform to grow. To be honest, grow in the  sense of expressing myself what I think of reality as such. Many would have disagreed to me or laughed at me by making a joke which normally I have been getting feedback at home and work place. But, everything has changed. My home has changed in many ways. Though still some of their believe which I hear are as it is taking them as a "Hawa Guff." But, the time has been proving myself in many ways. Though still, I am struggling to make a choice in asking a question that makes me feel asking. Only after a great struggle in my mind, I ask a question that goes outside to the environment from my mind.

One thing is sure if I am feeling sleepy, to make out of this state, then I ask questions. So, it has been a great struggle between the state of what my body wants and what my mind wants or the time wants. In this duality, a question arises and I speak of my mind. I am sure, I may not be asking question in relevant to others' reality which actually makes them to think or to go their mind into deja vu. And by listening to their answer I know where they are in congruence with my thought. Sometimes I get beyond my experiences so far and I admit this to be true.

Why I'm into asking questions, to define this further which I had already written in one of my another blog as with a title " Life questions to be asked." in which I enjoyed much expressing them my own belief which could be true to many I suppose.

To make me remind of what I ask, MICD tagged them as a Philosophical which I didn't realize as such earlier. So, categorization has been done which has enlightened me where I am and what I am actually doing so far. Even, I did get feedback not to go much of the spiritual side of where my questions might have based. I totally respect those views which are coming from down to earth modalities based on some ground works. Alas~ I'm free, I know.

To be continued......

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