Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moving into a new direction which I think of possibility someday!!!

'We move to a new direction'

Even though we are in the home which we have been living for ages, now once again we are moving to a new direction of hope and clear goals. I might have thought it in my dream once upon a time. This actually has turned in a U- direction once we realized it to be one day anyhow. Time has a sense of design to be happen one day. Again, I ask myself, "Why One day?"

After all, we set the time in a clock to be ring just after it will be accomplished. Not exactly the CLOCK!! But, this analogy seems fit to this.

Cuts and turns of plans and actions. They are of conscious strategies though happened itself involuntarily. "Involuntarily" Because previously all actions are of free will without a direction; "grabbing all what lies on the streets." Trying everything until to reach the end. Clock's ticking~~~!!

I am thinking of the time back, how did I reach here? I believe it is just the moment when I had an intention and discussed about with my wife. This is as simple as that. Again, I ask myself. "Why One day, It's not ending now?" Because I think we are in a momentum and we do have a sense of direction which is of course has taken a course in a direction where the time has set.

What's the plan?

Why don't I tell what's the plan straightforwardly ? It's already there in some dimension of parallel world. I just put that into a perspective, so never mind!

I have been there many times into a situation like this where I had to expose my plan. I went around talking to everyone my plans and this and that. Finally at the end, it never happened. I ask myself, "Why one day to be discussed?" IF it has to be one day, never tell anybody until it happens that day.

I have just told all of ourselves being in a new direction. Learning again, I should say!! This has been after a long duration of my time of living four decades or so on this planet. Am I an extraterrestrial being? Oops!! Tongue slipped again!!

A new confidence of realization, as it happens. 

You can get whatever you want. And, it is possible!  Before making it happen, just think of the consequences. Can YOU HANDLE THE HEAT??? So, Be wise before making it happen. Think of this, Do you really want this happen?

Desires in a Human are enormous. Choose one to manifest and then next, a next again and so on. We are in a loop to be on earth born again on here though different scenario and circumstances. So, Many great Mahatmas told not to be in a loop of desires entangled for to be born again on earth to sail through the winds of sufferings and pains.