Thursday, October 15, 2015

Festival at the corner but....................

Dashain festival at the corner but the city is still suffering from blockades, scarcity, price hikes, no gasoline and no adequate buses, tempos, and taxis on the street.

New government is forming as a consequence of new constitution in Nepal. Whether India, the neighbour country wants or supports what is happening inside Nepal,  this is the way we do, the new government is telling to the people and the world. Talks are still going on and soon from the nepalese government, a Ministerial visit to India is going to be held.

India wants certain things to be included in our constitution. Staying in the cocoon of the city and home, whether those demands of the neighbor are appropriate or inappropriate, we can't tell by  looking just staying in the city. It won't be fair enough to judge that way.

China on the other hand ready to help. Even though, due to its cultural barrier, language barrier which are more smooth towards India, Nepal whole heartedly not able to pass the decision to access fuels and other things from China. And also, due to recent earthquakes, the roads are being damaged or need to clean it up the debris from landslides that went further to worsen the situation. More over, to the nepalese government, the transaction from china is a bit expensive than it is from India.

Nevertheless of all, festival season started already in Nepal. With no carbon fuel and cooking gas, cooking in the kitchen is difficult but thank god, electricity is on. A multi purpose Rice cooker is getting very helpful in this worse situation. These Rice cooker are generally chinese or indian as well.

A queue in the petrol station is long. Although they queued, some gets and the others don't. Fuels are not enough for the whole. Even, due to high demand of gasoline, black marketing of it sold in  high prices. Similarly, there is a price hike in vegetables, fruits, cereals, and salt.

Lets hope the situation will be settled soon and we will be back to normal again. We do not even have risen up enough from the trauma of huge devastating earthquakes here in Nepal, This blockade from the indian border worsen the situation further. Anti indian spirits have risen up in us the nepalese, but this won't do good enough until we rely on ourselves in everything what we need.