Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Life's Age 47

 The state of Age 47

On medication continues. The doses of hypertension medication added. Cholesterol medication intact. No regular exercise as such. Activity intact. Standing hours decreased of the day. If long hours activities in a day initiates dullness in mind and induces sleep. After sleep freshers, activity continues. 
The body weight has increased to 95 kg. Walking hours decreased. Travel by car mostly. Regular eat out continues. Sound sleep intact. The state of mind normal. Motivation level on average. The fear of future decreased. Looking for a new beginning continues. The ability to hard work decreased. Financial freedom checked right. The ability to focus on reading and writing somewhat decreased. Reading and writing hours decreased significantly. Learning new primarily focus on finances and earnings. Ability to create words decreased - revision needed urgently. Ability to write with creation of words significantly decreased. That might reflect to speaking? The ability to speak creatively intact.

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