Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life goes on and on - A Direction FOLLOWED!

Life goes on with a direction:

A direction taken and followed - This is what I belief now. I think, this direction is of self respect, our self esteem, a stand you can say. Due to a direction taken, this may feel uneasy to someone. It has to churn all this inside out and has to come out with a huge applause.

We may feel a little turmoil at first. In the beginning, the heat that it creates, has to be observed somehow to continue to fuel the direction we have taken. What we need is support and understanding by family members; brothers, father and mother. 

We don't want to be a burden for anyone else. This is our self esteem and bonding to develop within the family. It's not late - I'm very sure. I don't know so perfectly about future though I'm learning Astrology. Basically, we will end up somewhere which will be a stand for my wife and son.

Brothers basically don't go along with me easily. Burden to the father is actually being shared with misbehaving verbally with my son and wife. Why brothers are like these - I tried to open up the secret of my kundali - birthchart. It has said very well defined in the beginning of my birth. Why my uncles are as they are? Kundali says this all very well.  Why my father is how he is. Kundali says this all. I think, I am believing Astrology very well. It gives me the solution which I don't know about my life and why life my as this is earlier.
It has told what I have been experiencing for decades I spent. It has given a sense of future self which is yet to be verified.  But, the life goes on with a direction.

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